Thursday, 28 March 2013

Social media: Making the world a smaller place

Ok, so I know that most of my posts are about aspects of social media, but there is just so much to talk about! Most of my day is surrounded with social media, and a lot of what I write about has been inspired from things I have seen on social media platforms.

Communication is changing, and a big part of that reason is social media. Just as the telephone replaced the telegraph to become the preferred way to reach out to people, the web and social media have done the same, but to an unprecedented degree. People can communicate through photos, videos, text and websites with just about anyone in the world instantly.
While people are seemingly more connected, the competing social networks actually fragment the content shared by people, even if they are talking about the same thing or are at the same event. Due to the fact that social networks compete with one another, there is no one place to engage or consume the content across blogs or services like twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook etc. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place were all this information could come together? – well there is! I present Epilogger! The best way to describe this platform is as various patches of coloured fabric, each one made by a different person who may or may not know the creators of the other pieces. At some point they will want to see all the pieces come together into a quilt. Epilogger is that quilt. It takes all the content about an event or movement, or subject and creates a central community regardless of what social network people use to share content. From there is allows people to contribute to that community with the app and website in a beautiful "quilt" that's fully interactive.
It amazes me how things have changed so rapidly over the years, I remember when Facebook just came out, and now look at the technology that has become since then. Social media is fairly new and yet it is developing so quickly. We are now able to communicate with people all around the world instantly, and virtually be apart of events across the globe. We are becoming connected in ways that I never imagined possible. The world really is becoming a smaller place, and Epilogger and the abovementioned social media networks are the cause of the “coziness”. So get comfortable and make your mark!

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