Thursday, 4 April 2013

Now what?

            For some of us, graduation is close approaching and many of us are asking ourselves: Who do we want to be? What is next? What is the REAL world going to be like? While these are all normal thoughts, some of us may want to consider what our Facebook accounts say about ourselves… and if this “identity” we created is appropriate for the next chapter in our lives.

While it might have made you seem “cool” in school, all those pictures of you partying and intoxicated may not translate into giving you a real job.  It is time for a clean up people! Essentially it is time to use tools provided by social media platforms to reinvent yourself, yet again. However, this time around turn that “cool” drunk university kid into a young professional – don’t forget to make it believable by posting about all the right topics and engage with all the right people. Only problem is, when you step into real life and you no longer have a screen to hide behind, people realize the person you are online does not translate to real life - Uh Oh…

 WAIT! Have no fear, just apply to work for an online start up company, this way you can continue to avoid real human interaction. Realistically, who needs face-to-face communication these days anyways – everything is online, right?

 Good luck to everyone, 'twas a blast!


  1. I think that people are more aware how big of an affect their online participation and representation can have on their future. Instead of them worrying about it I think some are utilizing it to their advantage, as a portfolio building type of opportunity.

  2. This was more of a satirical piece. I am aware that some us are using these social networking platforms to network and so on. However, like we saw in one of our classmates presentation, some people still are unaware of the consequences of not being cautious on Facebook etc.

  3. I have no doubt that many students rethink their self presentations online upon graduation and on their job hunt. What interests me most, though, is actually the notion that employers can and WILL go online and search up their job applicants. While there is nothing wrong with doing this, my question becomes, should employers do this? Moreover, should they be able to do this? There was once a time when one's personal life was kept personal. The internet has greatly affected that though. Today much of our lives our shared and encouraged to be shared online. Yet, do employers have the right to view our behaviour outside of the office? Does one's personal life always affect their work life? The saying "work hard, play hard" did not come out of thin air. That is something to think about.